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Schedule a consultation with one of our Therapists. Based on your assessment, you will receive recommendations for treatment as well as behavioral considerations for future function and performance. Your individualized program is waiting.

What We Do

Postural Therapy

a form of hands-on manipulation focused on rebuilding proper posture and retraining proper movement and muscle firing patterns.  Much of this work is neuromuscular in nature, as well as manipulation of scar tissue restrictions.

Exercise Therapy

a form of low-resistance exercise focused on rebuilding proper posture and retraining proper movement patterns. This is necessary to refine and reinforce dynamic movement patterns. The goal is to not only rebuild correct posture and movement patterns, but also to educate the client to maintain these patterns moving forward.

Postural Education

Pain. Dysfunction. Disorder. Coordination. Not only can we fix it and retrain it, we educate you to take care of it. Learn how people create injuries and why posture and balance are the key to prevention.

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The Team

Jacob Curtis

Postural / Bodywork Therapist


Executive Assistant

Phil Hale

Corrective Exercise Therapist

Brittany Feaster

Bodywork Therapist, Specializing in TMJ

I have dealt with chronic lower back pain that radiated from my right hip and down the leg for 15 years. I was praying for another way to manage the discomfort. I have been blessed to have Sense of Balance recommended by my friend. It is the answer for me that is keeping me active, functional and pain-free, without medication.

Dot. Ward, R.N.


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